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Completing Your Portfolio

Filling Out Your Account


Scanning Tips For Supporting Documents

Here are some scanning tips that will assist you with achieving the correct file size for uploading.

Adding OCT # To Your Account

STEP 1: Log into your account and click on Qualifications under the Portfolio section.

Mandatory Sections (Personal Info)

STEP 1: You will be required to fill out the Personal Information page under the Portfolio section. Once you have completed this section, please continue through the Portfolio.

Linking Accounts

STEP 1: If you have an existing simplication account, but have not applied to this district before. Click Link Accounts.

Access Denied When Uploading Resume or Cover Letter

If you receive the message “Access Denied”, ensure the document is not already open on your computer. If it is, close it and retry.

How To View What The Employer Will See When Looking At Your Portfolio?

Step 1: Click on Review Portfolio in the Portfolio section.

How Do I Take an Online Test?

The Online Tests will appear if an employer has requested for you to complete an assessment.

Uploading Supporting Documents

Step 1: In the Supporting Documents page of the Portfolio, click on the name of the folder you would like to upload your document to.

Resume or Cover Letter Formatting Tips

Resume and Cover Letter documents can be uploaded as Word or PDF documents.

Adding International References

Step 1: In the References page of the Portfolio, click Add.

Adding Education Outside of Canada

Step 1: In the Education page of the Portfolio, click on Add New.

Adding RECE # To Your Account

Step 1: Log into your account and click on Qualifications under the Portfolio section.

Adding Your OCT Number To Your Account

Step 1: Log into your account and click on Qualifications in the Portfolio section.

Are All Sections Of The Portfolio Mandatory?

You are not required to fill out all sections of your Portfolio, as much of the information may have already been listed in your Resume.

How Do I Make My Portfolio "Not Visible̵" until I am ready to apply?

In order to make your Portfolio not visible to an employer, go to the Who Can View My Portfolio page of the Portfolio section. Put a check mark in the box beneath Not Visible and click Save.

Review Portfolio – Where is the Next button?

Once you have completed your Portfolio, you will land on the Review Portfolio page. This page shows you how the information in your Portfolio will appear to the employer.

Opt in to Make your Portfolio Visible to Employers

Employers want to see your Portfolio so they can reach out to you when new opportunities arise.

How To Format Corrupted or Incompatible Files?

If you encounter the message below after uploading a resume, cover letter, or supporting document and your files are still not visible after two hours, then the file you uploaded may be corrupted or incompatible with our system.