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Supervisor Approval


Applytoeducation Team

For PD events where supervisor is required, the employee’s supervisor/admin would require approving the request to attend the PD event before the employee can successfully complete their registration.

The employee submits their request for a PD event through their PD Catalogue and an email notification is sent to the supervisor/admin for the employee.

Once the email is received, the supervisor will follow the below steps to confirm or reject their employee’s PD event request.

  1. From the Employer user account Homepage click on the PD tab on the Homepage screen to view the PD events where there are employees who require approval.
  2. On the PD Approval Required section, click on the # in the Pending column to view the employees who have requested approval to attend the PD event.
  1. Select the employee who requested approval and click Approve or Reject on the Pending PD Requests
  1. The employee will receive an email once their submission has been approved or rejected. If approved, the employee can then continue with completing their PD registration.