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Linking Accounts


Applytoeducation Team

STEP 1: If you have an existing simplication account, but have not applied to this district before. Click Link Accounts.  

STEP 2: Select the position category and enter your email address, associated with your other account. Click Next.  

STEP 3: You will receive an email with a Verification code. Enter your Verification code.  

STEP 4: Select, primary account to link with and click OK.  


If you receive a pop up on your screen when completing STEP 1 that says ‘The system found no account(s) that match the email address for the selected position category’. This message will appear for the following reasons:

  1. You do not have an account on Simplication for any employer. Please register if you are receiving this message on the applicant registration page.  
  2. You may have used a different email address to register an account in the past. Try a different email address or register on the applicant registration page.
  3. Although you may have an existing account, it is not registered in the position category selected. Try a different position category or register on the applicant registration page.


If you have already created an account for this employer in the past, you will receive a pop up with the following message “account cannot be linked as you have an existing account with this employer”. You must login using the username and password you have already created with this district.

If you are not sure what your username or password is, click Forgot Username and Password. Please enter your email address and word verification. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password and log into your account.