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How Do I Set Up a New Interview/Event?


Applytoeducation Team

Step 1: From the Scheduler section, select Interview & Events. Click New.

Step 2: Fill out the Interview/Event Details page. All the sections with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. You can select whether you want the interview to be Simple or Advanced.

Option: A Simple interview is: A single total time slot for the scheduler.

Option: An Advanced interview is: You can select this type if you want to break the total time slot into segments (ie proficiency test, employer debrief, etc.). For an Advanced Interview/Event, you will need to select the advanced option and add the timeslot details.

Step 3: In the Deadline for applicant to select time slot section, you can set a deadline for interview candidates to select an interview time slot.

Step 4: Select your Notifications: This section allows you to send notifications to the event creator and/or Panel.

Step 5: Create your Employer Panel and Add Panel Members who will be conducting interviews.

Step 6: Create your Date/Time in the Calendar section. Right-Click your mouse and select New Appointment. Enter the Subject and select the start and end times.

Step 7: Invitation Email: This is the email a candidate receives when you send the interview invitation. Click Save to create the Interview/Event.

The ‘@’ sign auto populates relevant information

The following fields are automatically generated and should not be edited:

  1. Applicant name
  2. Employer name and interview title
  3. Link to accept a timeslot
  4. A short clickable invitation link
  5. A long link that can be copy/pasted

Click the image to watch a video outlining the steps above