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EasyConnect Dashboard For Reviewing Absences


Applytoeducation Team

Simply click on a # to view the absences.

When you click on a # or the Absence List, you can select Today or Tomorrow to review current absences.

Absences On Hold: These absences have been placed on-hold and are waiting to be reviewed.

Absences missing replacement strategy:  No Fill Method has been selected (e.g. EasyConnect, On-Call, Manual Fill).

Replacements not contacted:  EasyConnect was selected but has not started contacting Replacements.

Replacements being contacted: EasyConnect is contacting Replacements but the assignment is unfilled.

Unfilled – done contacting replacements:  EasyConnect has completed its contact strategy.

Absent times with no replacement: No replacement time has been entered for a portion of the absent time entered.

Replacements not required:  The absence is set to no replacement required.

Replacements times filled:  Replacements have filled all times entered where a replacement was required.

On Job Board: Absences that remain unfilled and are visible to all employees in the employee group.

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