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On-Call And On-Hold


Applytoeducation Team

Step 1: From the Administration section, select Schools.

Step 2: In the Absences On-Hold section, enter the # of absences per day.

Step 3: Click Save.

Step 4: When using On-Call as the fill method, start by typing in the first 3 letters of the employee’s name or EIN. A list will be generated from the staff list for you to select from.

Step 5: The On-Call will be emailed the details that are included in the absence (e.g. room 5).

Note: In order to release the absence from the hold bin, click the Release To EasyConnect button. If you fail to click the Release To EasyConnect button, then before the absence start time, Easy Connect will start calling for any unfilled replacement record and post to the job board.

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