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Why Can’t I Apply?


Applytoeducation Team

There are a few possible reasons why you are unable to generate the job posting which you would like to submit your application to, they are the following:

1.You have already submitted your application to the job posting. Please go to your ‘Job Application Log’ page in order to confirm whether or not you have already submitted your application to the job posting. In order to make changes please click on the position from the job application log and make changes once you have please click save and exit the window.

2. You are registered to the incorrect applicant category than where the job postings that you are searching for has been activated. If you are registered in the ‘Teacher, Principal & Superintendent’ applicant category you will only be able to view and submit your application to teaching jobs. If you are registered in the ‘Support (ECE, EA/TA, Clerical, etc.)’ position category you may only submit your application to support jobs, and the same follows for the ‘Management and Professional’ position category.

It is not possible to transfer information between applicant account types, therefore in order to submit your application you will need to create a new account. To register a new account, go to www.applytoeducation.com, click the ‘Create an Account’ button and select your position category type. You will be required to register a different username, other than the one that you have currently registered and you will need to complete this new Portfolio as well.

3. The job posting is for Internal school board employees or Approved occasional school board employees only.