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Searching Applicants

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Viewing Emails I’ve Sent To Applicants

Option 1: From the User Profile section, select Email Log.

Sending Emails

Step 1: Check the white box of the left of the applicant(s) name you want to email. Click the Send Email button at the bottom of the page.

Search Database

Step 1: From the Applicants section, select Search Database.

Search Applicants

Step 1: From the Applicants section, select Search Applicants.

How Do I Apply a Tag to an Applicant’s Portfolio?

Step 1: Search the applicant and open their portfolio by clicking on their name.

Custom View For Reviewing Applicant Results

You can now customize your view when looking at a list of applicants.

Add Applicants To a Shortlist Outside of a Posting

Step 1: Select the applicants you wish to shortlist and click on the Shortlist button.