Automate How you Track and Fill Absences

Eliminate the manual process of filling absences. Discover a cutting edge, hassle-free solution that ensures every absence is promptly addressed, saving you both time and resources.

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Reach Your Occasional Employees on Their Terms: App, Voice, Text, Email.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all communications. With our platform, you can contact employees using their preferred method — whether it's through an app, voice call, text, or email. And the best part? They can use a single account for assignments, absences, and job applications. Experience truly efficient and tailored communication.

A New Standard in

Ensure efficient tracking, swift replacement dispatching, and accurate payroll integration. Here's how it revolutionizes the management of absences:

Direct Support: Our unique customer service includes a toll-free number for instant queries.

Customizable Rules: Tailor configurations for each group or location, setting contact times.

Smart Matching: Find the best absence replacements based on real-time availability.

Always Advancing: Over 100 annual enhancements ensure you get the best.

Stay Updated: Real-time notifications for decision-makers via dashboard and email.

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Streamlined. Automated. Efficient.

Always Here 
For You

Our customer care team is ready to assist via a toll free number, ensuring your questions are answered promptly and expertly.

Comprehensive Insights

Dive into detailed insights, from fill rates and acceptance history to replacement summaries and consecutive absence tracking.

Integrations with your Existing HR & Payroll Systems

Leveraging our proprietary middleware, we synchronize with your systems, ensuring absences and timesheets are automatically processed.

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