Francine J. Wesley Secondary School and Hishkoonikun Education Authority--located in Kashechewan First Nation on the West Coast of James Bay --has a grade 8 position available.

We offer a competitive salary grid and excellent incentive package, including flight into Kashechewan to begin the school year, subsidized housing and a WELCOMING COMMUNITY (*we also have a Tim Horton's)!! We pay into the OTPP & provide a full benefit package.

We are focused on literacy and numeracy excellence and providing a culturally rich and responsive, engaging learning environment.

Each class has a T.A. & daily prep period. Lots of opporunities for professional development & leadership.

If you are interested in being part of our team focused on student success, teacher retention, language and cultural pride please email:

All applicants will be contacted. Interviews being conducted immediately.

Job Category:
Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
Kashechewan Hishkoonikun Education Authority
Posting Date:
5/11/2022 8:00:00 PM
Kashechewan, Ontario