Canada Yantai Secondary School

Yantai, Shandong, China

Position: Secondary Principal

The Employer: Canada Yantai Secondary School is under the ownership and direction of Canadian-Sino Education Exchange Centre (CSEEC), Mr. John Zhu, CEO. CSEEC is based in Yantai, Shandong Province and has been in operation for 13 years. CSEEC opened its first BC certified school in China in 2008 and now operates 4 schools, all located in Shandong Province. Mr. Zhu has partnered with Rodger Lindstrom in developing schools in which professional environments are nurtured in desirable locations with a good standard of living. Significant features that characterize each school are the high graduation rates of students, and staffs that are appreciated and well supported in their daily activities. Our CSEEC Schools have attained recognition from Canadian Universities for the quality of students graduating from each school. Our schools allow for teachers to teach those areas of the curriculum in which they are most competent and comfortable, and provide opportunities for movement into leadership positions. “When one succeeds, we all succeed”.

Contact: Mr. Rodger Lindstrom, BC Offshore School Representative,, 604-760-7564 (Canada)

The School: Canada Yantai Secondary School (CYSS), located in the city of Yantai, Shandong Province, China, is presently in its second year of operation. The school is housed within the campus of a large Chinese school, Yantai No. 1 Middle School that enrols grades 10 to 12 students studying the Chinese national curriculum.

CYSS enrols about 70 students in grades 10 to 12 and is a British Columbia curriculum school, certified by the BC Ministry of Education. Four BC certified teachers, a teaching Principal and a teacher assistant are presently employed at CYSS. The school is well resourced with textbooks and supporting materials to meet the needs of all courses offered. Classrooms are equipped with wifi, SmartBoards, computers and projectors. The school contains a BC library and computer lab, and has access to fully equipped science labs, a gym and playing fields.

The school is in session from September to early July. Holiday periods include a National Holiday week in October and a 3-week holiday for Chinese New Year in January/February. CYSS operates on a two-semester system. The school day consists of four 60-minute classes and a 40-minute focused study session, from 7:00 am to 2:40 pm, with a 2-hour mid-day break.

The Students: Students are Chinese nationals and have studied English as a Second Language from their Primary years. Students are offered ELL classes in addition to the BC Graduation Program. Core courses include English, Social Studies, Math, Sciences, Planning, PE, and Information Technology. Students are focused on their academic goals and have a high level of respect for teachers. The goal of most students is to attend a BC or other Canadian University after graduation.

The Community: Yantai, a seaside city in Shandong Province, China is located on the East China Sea. It is one of the first 14 coastal cities opened up by the country and one of the most dynamic cities in Shandong Province. Yantai has been awarded a National City award for the quality of living, most charming city in China award, UN Habitat Prize, and Gold Medal City in Environment as one of the safest Cities in China. It is the largest fishing seaport in Shandong with an area population of 7 million of whom about 2.2 million live in the downtown. The city provides opportunities to pursue a variety of activities including sports, fine arts, touring and is famous for the quality of its seafood restaurants.

Recreation and Lifestyle:

Experience unique culture, natural landscape and abundant tourism resources

Enjoy easy access to any of the 4 main beaches and running/walking boardwalks

There are many entertainment venues open at night, such as bars, cafes, beach barbecue areas, cinemas and Internet bars.

Live in a pleasant sub-humid continental climate, moderate rainfall, clean sea air, and vast inland forest coverage

Enjoy blue sea and sky, sunshine and beach, islands, fresh seasonal produce such as apples, cherries, peaches, figs, oranges and grapes

Experience a variety of local sea-based cuisines

Applicant Requirements

Minimum of a Bachelor of Education Degree

Principal or Vice Principal experience in a Canadian or American school (onshore or offshore)

Available to start immediately

Employment Benefits: Salary is dependent upon training, qualifications and experience; contact for details. Principal, Vice Principal and Teacher salaries compare very well within offshore schools. Motivated teachers are presented with opportunities to move into leadership and administrative positions.

Financial Benefits:

Annual round trip airfare between home city and Yantai

Subsidized furnished apartment-style accommodation near campus

Basic health/accident insurance

7 paid leave days for illness/accident or bereavement

Fees associated with visa and work permit

Professional Development:

Regularly planned Pro-D activities are extended to staff on a monthly basis

Small, tight-knit staff within CYSS support and model strategies and methodology for each other

Opportunities for staffs within the 4 CSEEC schools to visit, socialize, and collaborate professionally

Lifestyle and Other Benefits:

Low cost of living

Access to a vibrant and exotic culture; live in a tourist destination beach city

Easy travel within China and surrounding areas such as Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia

Opportunity to learn a new language

Teach motivated students who have a high level of respect for teachers and are focused on their academic goals, resulting in minimal behaviour management issues.

Teach with the opportunity to utilize your best instructional practices with highly interested and motivated students.

Many BC school districts recognize years of experience in China.

Why Teachers Choose CYSS: CSEEC schools have a reputation for fair, responsive and professional ownership and governance. CYSS is well supported by the leadership team of owner/operator, John Zhu; Offshore School Representative, Rodger Lindstrom; and the BC Principal. These stakeholders work together to assure a welcoming and productive teaching environment and they work collaboratively with staff to address personal and professional challenges. CYSS is well served by an English-speaking, Chinese support staff that assures that teachers’ professional needs, as well as general living needs, are met. CSEEC salaries and benefits are competitive and allow among the highest net earnings within BC Offshore Schools.

Because students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own education, strive to excel, help others, and enjoy learning, teachers don’t have to push the students to learn. They want to learn.

Application Process : Apply to Mr. Rodger Lindstrom at Include a cover letter, resume, scan of highest degree certificate, and copy of photo/signature page of passport.

Note that successful applicants will be required to submit a current Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check.

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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
China - Canadian-Sino Education Exchange Centre
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8/27/2021 9:47:41 AM
Yantai, British Columbia