About Our Company:

Come join our vibrant learning community in China! CINEC Education Group, established in 2003, owns and operates four certified BC offshore schools in China, as well as providing other educational services. CINEC has earned a reputation for its high standards and honest approach to education. Our teachers also enjoy very favorable instructional hours compared to other schools.

At CINEC, we believe in the philosophy of learning with responsibility. Thus, along with imparting knowledge and skills, our schools focus on instilling values in our students. Our schools encourage students to develop the values of mutual respect, discipline, sharing, caring, empathy, honesty and responsible citizenship.

This tradition of excellence is the reason that teachers, both new to teaching in China and already established in the offshore community, consistently choose CINEC.

We are currently looking to hire a full time Math teacher for the 2021-22 school year at Canadian Secondary Wenzhou Number 22 School (BC Program).

Professional Development:

Meet with all four CINEC schools for professional development sessions throughout the year

Access the wealth of teaching resources and expertise built up within the CINEC network

Contribute and benefit from your school’s Professional Learning Community

Customize?your own Professional Growth Plan with the school’s Principal tailored your needs and areas of interest

Funding to participate in professional development provided by outside agencies

Class observations from the Principal

Experience a culturally unique learning environment

Enhance your skills of teaching students who speak English as an Additional Language


Living in a cosmopolitan metropolis

Easy access to other Chinese cities by high speed train

Numerous opportunities to cheaply travel and explore other local and international cultures

Affordable transportation: taxis, buses, trains

Affordable house cleaning, food preparation, and nanny services

Ability to save considerably more money than you could teaching in Canada

Develop lifelong connections with other like-minded educators and expats from around the world


A wide selection of international hospitals

A variety of import food stores

All modes of transportation available?

International Airport, trains, subway, buses, taxis, rent a bike service, and a ferry


Sports leagues are open for all team sports

Rock climbing gym

Cycling tours

Yoga centers


Language schools

Cycling paths/tours


Karaoke centers

Volunteering opportunities

International cultural fairs

Music concerts

Theatre productions



Comprehensive Medical Insurance

Flight allowance based on point of hire, which more than covers the cost of your flight

Flight allowance for family

CINEC covers costs associated with acquiring a visa, as well as covid-19 expenses related to traveling

Housing: teachers have furnished apartments provided or in Shanghai the option of receiving an attractive housing allowance

Recognition of Master’s Degree

Completion bonus

Retuning bonus

Competitive salary

How to Apply

CINEC Education Group is looking for experienced and passionate educators.

If you are a global-minded educator and interested in a career with CINEC, please send your resume and cover letter to support@cinec.ca.?We look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in education,

CINEC Education Group



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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
China - CINEC Education Group
Posting Date:
7/14/2021 12:43:16 PM
Wenzhou, British Columbia