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Mission Secondary

Inclusion Support Program Teacher


Low Incidence Focus


ASAP to June 30, 2022 or until the return of the incumbent

The Inclusive Support Program is designed to support students with complex support needs. The Inclusive Support Program Teacher will support students through direct teaching (life skills, functional academic skills) in small groups or larger group settings as well as indirect service to meet educational, behavioral and social goals documented in their IEP. Services provided by the ISP teacher will vary from student to student, depending on their individual needs. The ISP teacher is responsible for developing the students IEPs and selecting courses, in consultation with the school team and the parents. The ISP teacher will coordinate the teaching of skills with the classroom teacher, and work towards specific goals in the IEP. The ISP teacher will also provide colleagues with specific strategies and interventions relating to behavioral and social skills development that will enable students with diverse needs to be successful in an inclusive setting.

The ISP teacher will also provide colleagues with specific strategies and interventions relating to behaviour and social skills development that will enable students with diverse needs to be successful in an inclusive setting. These students will have the most complex and diverse support needs in schools – requiring a teacher with a skill set that encompasses work in the areas of behaviour, development of social skills and development of programs and interventions for those students designated under the low incidence categories including those students with intellectual disabilities. The ISP teacher will ensure transition planning to adulthood as part of the case management duties.


Master of Education in Special Education or a Bachelor of Education, with emphasis on Special Education or post-graduate diploma in Special Education

Experience teaching the middle and/or secondary grades (English, Math, Science and Social Studies)

Experience teaching students with a variety of cognitive, behaviourial, social and emotional support needs as well as extreme delays in adaptive or functional skills.

Coursework and teaching experience should include extensive knowledge of learner characteristics of students with Complex Developmental and Behaviourial Conditions (CDBC), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and developmental disabilities as well as the high incidence learners with learning disabilities and those with a mild intellectual disability

Experience developing programs with strategies appropriate for students with learning and behaviourial characteristics as a result of neurological disorders such as ASD, FASD and CDBC.

Recent successful training and experience in Level B testing, interpretation and assessment would be an asset

Recent successful training and experience in standardized Level A and B assessment would be an asset

Additional coursework or specific training in the areas of autism – through POPARD and the Reference and Regulate Therapy. Knowledge of sign language and augmentative communication systems is an asset given the needs of the students in the ISP program.

Knowledge and experience in program development for students with severe behaviourial disordered often diagnosed as conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder and other externalizing behaviours.

Experience working with classroom teachers to provide differentiated instructional strategies for low incidence students.

Completion of Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training

Commitment to the philosophy of UDL and RTI

Knowledge of First People's Principals of Learning and an understanding of equity and reconciliation in schools

Strong interpersonal, communication and collaborative skills

General Duties:

As the case manager, the ISP teacher will write IEPs to meet Ministry of Education guidelines with goals consistent with the funding category is essential.

Support the philosophy of inclusion and integration of students

Promote and support differentiated instruction at the classroom level

Act as an in-school consultant to the school administrator, teachers and paraprofessionals – when students experience academic, behaviourial and/or social difficulties

Work with parents as part of the school team toward goals as stated in the IEP.

Work in collaboration with teachers modeling instructional strategies for teachers, providing additional resources as well as providing additional instruction for students that have learning difficulties

Work collaboratively with district staff and other specialists to coordinate required information and services for students with special needs

Ability to coordinate support personnel in the school, including educational assistants and youth care workers.

Provision of specific, targeted teaching to individuals or groups requiring additional help

Collect, monitor and disseminate student information as well as keep detailed records where needed

Ability to work collaboratively with outside agencies, including multidisciplinary assessment teams, POPARD, Child and Youth Mental Health, etc.

Plan appropriate goals and steps to lead the transition to adulthood

Teach life skills and self-determination/self-efficacy as assigned

Mission Secondary School Teaching Positions

Our school staff will collectively support all learners so they will achieve the essential learning standards. Staff will work collaboratively in partners, in departments and as a whole to maximize student achievement and to participate in a professional learning community and personal professional development. Effective formative and summative common assessments will form the foundation for assessment practices.


Teachers will have a comprehensive understanding of curriculum, coupled with the ability to interpret curriculum appropriately to accommodate individual differences and incorporate personalized learning.

Teachers will work collaboratively with curricular partner on instructional strategies, implementing curriculum, meeting students’ educational needs, and administer and analyze common assessments.

Teachers will provide instruction during open and closed tutorials as determined in collaborative team meetings throughout the year.

Teachers will design and provide all students with timely formative and summative assessments that align with essential learning standards and monitor student progress effectively and communicate with parents in a timely manner.

Teachers will implement effective and progressive classroom management strategies with diverse learners

Teachers will be involved in professional development with an ongoing commitment to learn and implement new methodologies and strategies.

Teachers will work collaboratively with students, parents and staff to enhance the school as a learning community.

About Mission Public Schools

The Mission Public School District acknowledges that our community is located on the Traditional, Ancestral, Unceded, and Shared lands of the Stó:lo people, of Qwó:ltl’el, Leq’á:mel, Matheqwí, Sq’éwlets, who have been inhabitants of this land since time immemorial. We benefit from local knowledge keepers and thriving Indigenous communities.

Mission, British Columbia is nestled on a southern coastal mountain slope, overlooking the lush valley of the mighty Fraser River. Ideally situated, Mission is located an hour east of Vancouver and just a 15-minute drive from the U.S. border. Come see why Mission is “the Jewel in the Valley”.

We are committed to a safe, equitable, and inclusive educational system for all students. Mission students benefit from our diverse community, skilled staff, natural environment, and local history. We are dedicated to honouring student voice and empowering our students to reach their potential. We work collaboratively with all schools to ensure that Indigenous students are successful in Mission Public Schools. While promoting and respecting the traditional territory of the Stó:lo People, we help foster an awareness and respect for all Indigenous peoples for all students and staff in Mission Public Schools.

Our values:

Working together

Lifelong Learning

Thinking Beyond Today

Doing the Right Thing

Thank you for your interest. Please note only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
School District #75 (Mission)
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5/11/2022 8:00:00 PM
Mission, British Columbia