Building Your Student/Teacher Relationship "Toolbox"

A “go to guide” of strategies to support positive learning environments for student and teacher success.

Event Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST


The key to great classroom management is the ability to build rich relationships with your students.   This journey begins with listening to your students, understanding their perspectives, and knowing their unique stories.  Add the importance of your impact recognizing how you show up as the teacher, and you have a strong foundation for a compassionate and respectful environment that deepens learning and well-being.

After participating in the webinar, you will:

  • Recognize that student well-being directly impacts student success
  • Recognize that social-emotional needs should factor into your planning as much as academic goals
  • Learn how deep listening to individual student stories informs your practice
  • Learn how equity or a lack of it affects the learning environment
  • Recognize and apply an inclusive approach and diverse perspectives
  • Understand the need to provide a relevant and culturally responsive curriculum for your students
  • Better understand how the use of trauma-sensitive strategies can support your students
  • Explore the benefits of teaching kindness and empathy
  • Understand the relationship between educator well-being and student well-being – how you show up matters
  • Use the “compassionate systems iceberg model” as a lens through which to explore and understand the needs and perspectives of your students

Who should attend:

This workshop is intended for educators interested in learning more about strengthening positive learning relationships through a compassionate, equity-based approach.

Attendees will receive our eBook, which will include resources and tools to support you to build your “relationship toolbox.”   You will also receive a certificate of completion. 

PRICING Information

$129 + tax for one session

Recordings will be available if participants miss the live webinar. There are no refunds.

For more information, email Claire at