Get Hired Series for EAs & ECEs

In this two-part series, you will learn how to prepare and interview successfully for EA & ECE jobs in 2023/2024.


Are you a new Educational Assistant or Early Childhood Educator looking to land your first job, or are you an experienced EA or ECE looking to transfer to a new setting?

In this two-part Get Hired webinar series, you will learn how to prepare and successfully interview for EA and/or ECE positions in 2023/2024.

This Get Hired webinar series will:

  • Help you become a skilled interviewee
  • Teach you how to respond to current issues and topics including Indigenous Education and diversity in the classroom
  • Walk you through standard interview questions and responses
  • Teach you techniques to manage the pace and content of your responses
  • Guide you in securing a permanent position

You will be provided with a certificate for your professional portfolio as well as an eBook after each webinar with self-assessment materials and lots of content to help you improve your interviewing skills.

Recordings will be available if participants miss the live webinar.

Workshop Agenda


Tuesday, May 16, 2023 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST

The first session will help you prepare for your interview, with a focus on questions that deal with standard issues but also with current issues such as learning in a post-pandemic setting and managing diversity, equity and fairness in the classroom.

At this session, you will:

  • Learn how to prepare for common questions;
  • Become familiar with all three interview types;
  • Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls in interviews;
  • Become familiar with gathering information on “The Three Ps”;
  • Understand the perspective of the supervisor in hiring.



Tuesday, May 23, 2023 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST

Do you ever wonder what interviewers are looking for, what they are writing, and whether you are on the right track with your responses? The second session will guide you through the process of nailing an interview, from the first impression to the follow-up.

This includes:

  • Outlining the advantages and pitfalls of bringing a portfolio;
  • Creating a positive image, from dress to proper timing of your responses;
  • Making a power statement and finishing strongly.

Each live 90-minute webinar with Jen and Dan includes a post question and answer period as well as a simulated interview (e.g. a sample interview question is asked and answered).

Following each webinar, you will receive:

  • a downloadable eBook
  • a downloadable slide bank
  • a viewable recording link (available for a limited time)
  • a personalized certificate of participation.

The downloadable eBook contains templates that guide you through the processes outlined in the webinar. To view a copy of the eBook index for each session, click on the following links:

For EA's:  Session 1, Session 2.

For ECE's: Session 1, Session 2.

For more information on relevant topics and upcoming webinars, please go to


PRICING Information


Presented by K-12 recruitment experts Jennifer Baldelli and Daniel Mason. Together, the pair represents more than 60 years of experience hiring teachers into K-12 education.


Dan Mason

Daniel has worked in the Ontario school system for 29 years, having been a high school teacher, department head, principal and superintendent. As both a principal and member of senior staff, he was instrumental in making available training and development opportunities for all staff in the system.

Dan has worked extensively with the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario as well as the College of ECE’s over the years.  He was a consultant on governance reviews, proposed accreditation legislation, language skills benchmarks for Ontario ECE Certification and more.  Dan has extensive interviewing experience and is a skilled presenter on delivering many workshops including effective interviewees for all positions. He holds a B.A., and a B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed., and Ph.D.

Jennifer Baldelli

Jennifer has 32 years of experience in HR within the Ontario school system and has worked at three school districts. As an HR Officer, she oversaw Recruitment/Staffing and subsequently led the department as an Operations Specialist.  She has developed and organized centralized interviewing processes and provided principals with interviewing questions and up-to-date techniques for school-based recruitment.  As such, Jennifer has developed an on-the-ground understanding and appreciation of the principals’ needs in the staffing and recruitment process.  Her experience has been wide-ranging and practical in this regard.

Jennifer is a certified Registered Professional Recruiter (Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada) and was featured in Canada’s HR Today Journal for her ongoing contributions in the field of HR.

For more information, email Dan and Jen at