K-12 Education New Teacher Recruitment Work Shop (In Person)

Keys to Engaging and Recruiting New Teachers in 2023

Event Date: Thursday, April 20, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EDT 

Where: ApplyToEducation Head Office (Toronto)


This hands-on workshop will provide school board hiring teams with essential information, approaches, and strategies to more successfully engage and hire new teachers.

Starting with the most recent research exploring the career interests and job search behaviours of today’s students, participants will gain a deeper understanding of Gen Z and the characteristics that drive their career decision-making. This will be followed by a deeper look into the unique interests of students majoring in education programs. What do they value in a prospective employer? What are their career goals? How will they choose their next opportunity?

Having developed a better understanding of prospective teachers, participants will then take a deeper look at what they have to offer:

  • What is an “employer brand” and how does it affect recruitment?
  • What is the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that your board offers prospective hires?
  • How can a school board connect and convey its offers to persuade the right candidates to accept?

Next, participants will take these learnings and work on the development of more effective messaging to create interest among prospects. The focus will be on both first impressions – how to initiate a connection – as well as on creating deeper interest and even engagement through impactful stories that will connect with candidates.

The workshop will conclude with an opportunity for participants to share ideas, pose questions to peers and learn from others working across Canada to recruit future educators.

Participants will come away with a better understanding of the students they are trying to recruit; new ideas for making meaningful connections between potential hires and their own school board; and, feel more confident as they strive to meet their recruitment objectives in 2023.

Who should attend: HR staff with responsibility for hiring and those who sit on hiring committees in a school board setting including human resource staff, principals and vice principals.

PRICING Information

Only 50 seats available!

Price Includes: Coffee/tea, drinks, snacks throughout the day and a full lunch.

1 person: $895 + tax
2+ persons: $795 + tax each


To register or for more information, contact Nathan Laurie at nlaurie@applytoeducation.com or 416-932-6789 to register




Graham Donald

Founder & President

Brainstorm Strategy Group Inc.

Graham Donald is one of North America’s leading experts on attracting, recruiting, and engaging students and graduates.

He founded Brainstorm Strategy Group in 2003 where he supports major employers and post-secondary institutions’ success through research, training, and strategic consulting. His clients include KPMG, PwC, TD Bank, University of Toronto, Deloitte, GE, McGill University, HSBC, UBC, Rutgers University, Kraft, and many others.

He chairs several conferences and training programs annually including the Future Workforce Conference, the Campus Recruiting Forums, the Career Leadership Academy, and the Strategic Enrolment Marketing & Management Forum.

He is also the lead researcher for the annual Brainstorm Student Career Interests Report which provides insights into the career preferences and intentions of university and college students across Canada. Over the past 15 years he has engaged more than 250,000 students in this research.

He is currently focused full-time on training and advising leaders in career development and student recruiting through Brainstorm Strategy Group. He received both his BA and MBA from the University of Toronto