EdRecruit 6.0: Running Meetings that Generate Decisions



Staff with responsibility for leading meetings including District Staff, Human Resources, Principals and Vice-Principals


Do you make the most of your meetings?

Coming to decisions during an allotted meeting time has always been a challenge.  Now that meetings are largely virtual, accomplishing meeting goals efficiently and effectively and following up with action is even harder.

This webinar will teach attendees practical strategies to maximize meeting success, including pre-meeting preparation, in-meeting conventions and end-of meeting strategies to ensure that what has been decided will be acted upon. This webinar is relevant to staff at the district office, at school council or any other venue.

This webinar will help participants:

  • Decide who should attend the meetings in question
  • Create a framework for setting up agendas
  • Plan a strategy for covering all necessary meeting topics
  • Engage the non-participant
  • Control the overly talkative participant
  • Develop a follow-up system

Participants will receive our eBook, which will include examples of the forms a participant would use including one for a call for items, one for decision items, one for discussion items and a decision register.  These examples, along with the contents of the eBook, will be practical in content, simple in form, and designed to get things done.

PRICING Information

1 to 3 people – $199 per person

4 to 9 people – $159 per person (20% discount per person)

10+ people – $99 per person (50% discount per person)

Recordings will be available if participants miss the live webinar.


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Presented by K-12 recruitment experts Jennifer Baldelli and Daniel Mason. Together, the pair represents more than 60 years of experience hiring teachers into K-12 education.


Dan Mason

Daniel has worked in the Ontario school system for 29 years, having been a high school teacher, department head, principal and superintendent. As both a principal and member of senior staff, he was called upon to develop agendas and manage meetings for a wide variety of purposes and an equally wide audience including staff, members of the public, and trustees.

Dan has chaired a myriad of meetings over his career and gained a reputation for conducting meetings that generate decisions, involve participants, and leave attendees feeling that their time has been well spent.  He holds a B.A., B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed., and a Ph.D.

Jennifer Baldelli

Jennifer has 32 years of experience in HR within the Ontario school system and has worked at three school districts. As an HR Officer, she oversaw recruitment/staffing and subsequently led the Department as an Operations Specialist.  As a person who has chaired meetings of all sorts over her career, she has developed a reputation for managing meetings efficiently and effectively, ensuring that decisions are made and followed up on and people feel that their time has been well used. 

Over the years Jennifer has learned to address in advance the frustrations that most people feel about meetings and acted upon those feelings to enhance membership and participation at the meetings she has chaired.

Jennifer is a certified Registered Professional Recruiter (Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada) and was featured in Canada’s HR Today Journal for her ongoing contributions in the field of HR.

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For more information, email Dan at dlmason@magma.ca.