EdRecruit 4.0: Job Descriptions, Interviews and Appraisals



Human Resources Personnel responsible for hiring Educational Assistants, Early Childhood Educators and School Office Co-ordinators.


Job descriptions are key to attracting high-performing talent. They set the stage for the applicant and focus the hiring goals of the recruiter. Too often when job descriptions are outsourced, they are overly complex and costly. Writing your own descriptions will save you money while streamlining your staff selection process. This webinar will teach participants how to create simple and effective job descriptions to attract Educational Assistants, Early Childhood Educators and School Office Co-ordinators. These postings will help hiring teams facilitate smooth workflow and the training and appraisal of employees.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Develop, in-house, simple and readable job descriptions
  • Align the job description to the organizational mission and to selection, training and appraisal processes
  • Teach you techniques to manage the pace and content of your responses
  • Integrate job descriptions into interview questions, training activities, and appraisal processes
  • Evaluate employees using efficient information-gathering techniques to enhance the objectivity of their performance appraisals

All webinar attendees will be sent a practical eBook with content designed to help them create job descriptions, postings, interview questions and indicators and extensive resources on employee appraisal.

PRICING Information

1 to 3 people – $199 per person

4 to 9 people – $129 per person (35% discount per person)

10+ people – $99 per person (50% discount per person)

Recordings will be available if participants miss the live webinar.

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Presented by K-12 recruitment experts Jennifer Baldelli and Daniel Mason. Together, the pair represents more than 60 years of experience hiring teachers into K-12 education.


Dan Mason

Daniel has worked in the Ontario school system for 29 years, having been a high school teacher, department head, principal and superintendent. As both a principal and member of senior staff, he was instrumental in developing staff training opportunities for administrative staff.

Dan has done extensive work in the area of staff appraisal and its relationship to mission advancement, job descriptions, training and development.   As a result of his work in this area, Dan has been a consultant to several districts on the issue of staff appraisal.  He holds a B.A., B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed., and Ph.D.

Jennifer Baldelli

Jennifer has 32 years of experience in HR within the Ontario school system and has worked at three school districts. As an HR Officer, she oversaw Recruitment/Staffing and subsequently led the department as an Operations Specialist.  She has developed and organized centralized interviewing processes for applicants and provided principals with interviewing questions and up-to-date techniques for school-based recruitment.  As such, Jennifer has developed an on-the-ground understanding and appreciation of the principals’ needs in the staffing and recruitment process.  Her experience has been wide-ranging and practical in this regard.

Jennifer is a certified Registered Professional Recruiter (Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada) and was featured in Canada’s HR Today Journal for her ongoing contributions in the field of HR.

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For more information, email Dan at dlmason@magma.ca.