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The media schools rely on to build their employer brand, post job openings, and target qualified applicants.


  • “The Waterloo Region District School Board has exclusively used ApplyToEducation for the last 10 years for teaching and non teaching external recruitment. For approximately 5 years we have also used the Internal system to manage internal job postings. Our internal staffing process is complex and fast paced, the internal system saves us a large amount of time and has contributed to our success in meeting our Collective Agreement obligations annually."

    Brian J. Driver Waterloo Region District School Board
  • “We have been with ApplyToEducation for over 10 years and are impressed with how they have evolved to meet the needs of an ever changing environment. They have always been on the cutting edge when it comes to their ability to provide excellent service to their clients, whether it be an employer or a candidate. The staff really listens to our needs and as a result ApplyToEducation continually introduces enhancements to their system to meet those needs. Well done!”

    Esther Drobot Simcoe Muskoka Catholic
  • "Based upon our success with our employees and applicants using ApplyToEducation, we are now in the process of moving our LTO process onto ApplyToEducation. We look forward to our continued relationship with ApplyToEducation and additional integration projects in 2017. The ApplyToEducation staff objectively listen to our requests and concerns and have always met and exceeded our expectations. It has been a pleasure to work with the ApplyToEducation staff.”

    Brian J. Driver Waterloo Region District School Board


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