Case Study: Interview Tracker

About School District 8 – Kootenay Lake

Located in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada, School District 8 – Kootenay Lake serves several individual communities within a large geographic area crossing a mountain range and two time zones.


Location: British Columbia, Canada

Number of students: 5,400

Number of schools: 21

Number of employees: 910

Prior to using Apply To Education

Before using ATE’s Interview Scheduler, setting up interviews “was like herding kittens,” says Theresa Montpellier, Manager of Human Resource Services.

According to Montpellier, manually keeping track of applicants, interviews and invites was slow and stressful. It required individual event set-up, sharing and rescheduling – the administrative challenges were “burdensome,” she says. It also meant keeping records of past interviews was near impossible.

“We would have to schedule and reschedule and keep a phone trail, paper trail and email trail – there were too many loose ends, and it was hugely time consuming.”

Theresa Montpellier says that before using ATE’s Interview Scheduler, setting up interviews was like herding kittens – disorganized, stressful and time consuming.

Apply To Education’s solution

According to Montpellier, this module reduces the time it takes to manage interviews and meetings by 75%. She says it has also reduced the stress of managing everything manually.

Montpellier’s team can now send online meeting links and invitation to meetings within the system, set expiration date for the interview on the candidate level and easily keep a record of all scheduling interviews, meaning more transparency in hiring processes. They also use it to manage onboarding and other large events, she says.

“I can’t tell you how much time has been saved by using the interview scheduler.  Being able to add, set up zoom links, send the invite, add comments, and reschedule when necessary – it is seamless on our end and our applicants are able to also communicate directly with the event organizer.  At the District level, we can easily see which applicants have been invited/accepted to interviews and who has declined etc.  It has been a perfect add on! .”

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