ApplyToEducation Software Update – May 22nd, 2020

We hope you are doing well.  Our entire team has been working from home, in isolation, to ensure your needs are met.

We are excited to share enhancements going live Sunday morning from 5-8am EST.  The below features will improve your processes and save HR & Administrators time.

What Is Going Live May 24th

Interview Scheduler

  • When creating an interview schedule and looking at the ‘month’ you will now be able to enter times. (Thanks Halton)
  • When selecting interview times we tweaked how they are displayed so they are easier for you to pick. (Thanks Peel)
  • Confirmation emails sent to candidates and employers will now display your time zone.  This will be based on what you selected on your ‘Organization Profile’ page in the ‘Administration’ section of your account. (Thanks Keewatin-Patricia)

Posting Jobs – Configure Users to Only Use Templates

  • We are adding privileges so P/VPs (or any employer user) can be configured to only use templates when posting jobs.  This should cut down on errors and save HR time reviewing postings before they activate them.  (Thanks Peel)