ApplyToEducation EasyConnect Update – May 8th, 2020

I hope you are doing well.  Our entire team is working from home, in isolation, to ensure your needs are met.

We are excited to share EasyConnect enhancements going live May 10th from 5-8am EST.  The below features will improve your processes and save HR & Administrators time.

New Features & Enhancements Going Live May 10th

Creating Absences

  • We simplified how an Employer User switches from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’ for a Replacement Required in an absence. They can now just change their selection. (Thanks Simcoe)

Bulk Cancelling Replacements

  • We added a privilege called ‘Add Replacements after Mass Cancellation’ so specific Employer Users can add back Replacements to absences after doing a bulk cancellation.
    This will be very helpful when managing unforeseen events like snow days, pandemics, work stoppages, etc. (Thanks Peel and Ottawa Catholic)

EasyConnect Staff List Page

  • We added the ‘Position’ field to the Staff List displayed for each location.  You might want to review with your Account Manager to tweak the data your IT dept is sending us. (Thanks Niagara)

Employee Group Calendar

  • We no longer display inactive Employee Groups when creating an event so it is easier for you to manage.
  • We now display to Replacements the Employer’s name when they review their Calendar.  This is very important for Replacements who work for multiple School Boards. (Thanks Peel and Waterloo)

Reasons for Absences

  • We added a new privilege called ‘View Reasons for Absences’ so you can let Employer Users view your Reasons without having the ability to edit them.


  • You can now configure a school to be ‘not visible’ to Replacements when they are selecting where they want to work.
    This will be helpful for Board Office locations where Replacements are not required.  (Thanks Windsor-Essex Catholic)