ApplyToEducation EasyConnect Update – July 3rd, 2020

Congratulations on wrapping up a difficult school year.  Our entire team is working from home, in isolation, to ensure your needs are met.

We are excited to share EasyConnect enhancements going live Sunday morning from 5-8am EST.  The below features will improve your processes and save HR & Administrators time.

New Features & Enhancements Going Live July 5th

Occasional Lists – New Configuration Options

  • You have 2 new options when configuring an Occasional List which will give you tons of flexibility:
    • Enable EasyConnect to contact an Occasional List
    • Enable EasyConnect Job Board for an Occasional List

This is great for scenarios like Emergency Replacements where you want to send the time sheet through EasyConnect but do not want them to receive calls or view your job board. (Thanks Simcoe)

Home Page Dashboard – Flag Employee Changes in Future Absences

  • We now display if there is an absence in the future where:
    • An employee has changed locations or employee groups.
    • A Replacement is no longer active but has accepted an assignment. (Thanks Windsor-Essex Catholic)

Absences – Option to Track in Hours

  • You can configure absences to be tracked in hours rather than percentages. (Thanks Huron-Superior Catholic)

Employee Group Calendar

  • You can select if you want an entry to appear in employees’ calendars.  For example, if you lock absences during a pandemic the entry doesn’t have to be displayed to employees.  (Thanks Huron-Superior Catholic)