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Job Code: 318382
School District #44 (North Vancouver)
Position: Education Assistant (Sign Language Interpreter)
Closing Date: Mar 31, 2015 12:00 AM EDT
  Posted on: Mar 18, 2015 
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Openings: CASUAL
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Salary:  $26.91
Job Description & Requirements
This is specialized work of a student assistance and teacher support nature attending to the personal care, educational and development needs of students who have unique and significant physical, mental, behavioural, emotional or learning style differences. An employee of this class provides assistance by performing a variety of tasks with an individual or groups of students. These tasks are determined by the needs of the individual or groups, so that each employee’s work will be as unique as the student(s) they are assisting. In addition, some employees will be required to bring specialized skills to assist students who are visually or hearing impaired, those with chronic health and physical disability issues, and those who are severely behaviourly disordered. The work requires considerable initiative, emotional stability, empathy and understanding of the many and varied issues these students face. This position requires sound judgement in dealing with a variety of situations under the general supervision of a teacher(s). Work performance is reviewed and evaluated by an administrator in terms of effective services rendered to students and staff.
Considerable knowledge of the methods and practices related to the learning style and other needs of students with special needs. -Considerable knowledge of the academic course content and non academic programs as required for assigned students. -Considerable knowledge of behaviour theories, behaviour intervention strategies, anger management/conflict resolution techniques and situational safety assessment may be required. Working knowledge of child development. -Ability to implement student Individual Educational Plan (IEP), Individual Care Plan, academic and other individual programs. -Ability to administer authorized medications and physiotherapy under direction. Ability to administer basic first aid. -Ability to monitor, adapt and respond to meet the varying medical, physical, educational, and other needs of students. -Ability to function cooperatively with staff, and others, and to maintain effective relationships with special needs students. -Ability to perform a variety of record keeping tasks, including the collection and monitoring of data. -Sufficient strength and agility to physically assist students with special needs.
Completion of the 12th grade or equivalent, plus basic first aid, supplemented by a Special Education Teaching Assistant certificate, or equivalent training in psychiatric nursing, practical nursing or child care.  Training and experience as a Sign Language Interpreter, Level 6.
Must have an active membership status with WAVLI.
Two years prior related experience working with children or young adults with special needs, including behavioral disorders in an educational, institutional, group home setting or support worker capacity, or an equivalent combination of training and experience. Preference will be given to those with a Special Education Teacher Assistant Certificate or equivalent.

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