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HR Solutions

Since 1998, Apply To Education is the software used by leading public, catholic and independent schools to receive employment applications online, post permanent and long term assignments, fill daily supply openings and manage internal transfers.
Our software makes a difference...But our customer service is what differentiates us.

Apply To Education Job Board is the first place educators go to find jobs because:

  • It is where 65% of Canadian School Districts post their positions.
  • It is the only job site that exhibits at 30+ education job fairs on university campuses so new grads know about the site.
  • It is used by 50,000+ educators who are actively looking for jobs and have signed up for nightly job alert emails.
  • 200+ School Districts promote ApplytoEducation in the career section of their websites which creates tremendous awareness.

Applicant Tracking

  • Direct all applicants to apply online and save time by simplifying how you manage employment applications.
  • Applicants are automatically matched to the jobs they apply to so you don’t have to manually sort them.
  • Easy to use online tools allow you to search, tag, shortlist, share, email and make notes on applicants.
  • Access to online reporting tools.

EasyConnect - Automated Dispatch For Daily Supply

  • Web based system, so there is no hardware to install or maintain.
  • Leading edge technology. Absences are sent by phone or text message along with an email.
  • Entire system is accessible by mobile phone, computer, tablet and telephone.
  • Districts can create customized contact strategies to ensure the best replacements are offered the assignment.

Long Term Assignments

  • It takes less than a day to migrate your occasional list into our system.
  • Districts can post long term openings and choose which employee groups they are visible to.
  • Occasional or temporary employees are tagged and easily identified in ATE.
  • Search qualifications and sort based on seniority.
  • Send customized emails to your occasional lists in 2 clicks.

Internal Transfers

  • Improve efficiencies. Move your internal transfer process online and address all hiring needs in one place.
  • Confirm or remove internal applicants.
  • Post jobs to your internal applicants only, OR post to both internals and externals.
  • Tag ‘surplus’ employees.
  • Districts have the option to enter seniority information and EINs to confirmed internals.

HRIS Integration

    Simplify and streamline all aspects of your applications by:
  • Pushing data to your HRIS, like setting up new employees and processing your occasional staff payroll.
  • Pulling data from your HRIS, like internal applicants seniority.

for a demo or more information on each of these software solutions, please contact Mark Laurie at

Recruitment Solutions

Job Board

  • Your job is emailed directly to certified Canadian Educators who have indicated they are interested in working for you.
  • Positions are live for 61 days and may be revised as often as you like.
  • Job postings include free links to your website and a Corporate Profile.

Search Resumes

  • Search qualifications and key words to find candidates for hard-to-fill positions.
  • The ONLY on-line application in Canada where you can view complete application portfolios. This includes resumes, cover letters, practicum reports, evaluations, qualification certificates, and reference letters.
  • View the application portfolios of Educators who have indicated they are interested in working for a Private Employer.

Marketing Solutions


  • Build brand awareness with Educators.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • We guarantee your banner will be viewed at least 100,000 times per month.


You can target your campaign to focus on teachers by:
  • The country they want to teach in
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
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